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The actress lost 21 kg weight in 4 months, know her secret tips.

Bhoomi Pednekar is a great actress. He made his entry in Bollywood in a very different role and Bhumi weighed 89 kg in that film. But let me tell you, no one likes being overweight, as Bhumi did and they lost 32kg without any help. When Bhumi was asked about losing weight during an interview, he said how he lost weight. Bhumi also said that she wants to share the tips with which she has lost weight so that it can benefit every woman who wants to lose weight without any help.

Tips 1: Bhumi Pednekar said he first increased water consumption. Also started drinking detox water.

How to make detox water: Mix 3 cucumbers, crown mint leaves and 4 lemons in 1 liter of water and keep them frozen for a few hours. This is how detox water is prepared.

Tips 3: Bhumi said she did at least 20 squats every day. He also started dancing to his favorite songs every day. Apart from this, he told us to jump on the spot 20 times 30 minutes before eating.

Tips 4: Bhoomi Pednekar said she starts her day by drinking light water. He then mixes flax seeds with spices in creamy milk and eats. After a while, he eats whole wheat bread with a 2 egg omelette.

Tips 5: During the day the soil consumes 2 loaves of bread, vegetables, beans and buttermilk or yogurt. Apart from this they said you can also eat sandwiches, grilled chicken or a nutritious nugget.

Tips 6: Bhoomi Pednekar said he drinks green tea at 5:30 p.m. Eat a salad in a large bowl at 7 p.m. Eat grilled fish or brown rice with vegetables at eight o’clock at night.

Tips 7: Apart from this Bhumi said that he also takes soy chips, dark chocolate, black chips or berry smoothies.


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