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So because of this Nandi’s desires are spoken in the ears, know this is the interesting story behind it

The idol of Nandi is definitely present in the temples of Lord Shiva. Along with Shivling worship, water and milk are also offered on Nandi. Many people even say their psychic in Nandi’s ear. Indeed it is believed that many of the desires spoken in Nandi’s ears reach Shiva directly and Lord Shiva fulfills those desires. So whenever people go to the temple and worship Shiva. Apart from this Nandi’s ears also say their desires.

Why is it said in Nandi’s ear?

The idol of Lord Nandi is firmly installed in the Shiva temple. It is believed that it is mandatory to have an idol of Lord Nandi wherever there is a Shiva temple. A temple without a Nandi idol is considered incomplete. Not only that, the idol of Nandi is always installed in front of the Shivling. According to the scriptures Nandi is an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and always stays with Shiva.

Nandi also lives with Shiva on Mount Kailash. Nandi protects Kailash mountain. According to legends, anyone who came to meet Lord Shiva on Mount Kailash had to seek Nandi’s permission first. Only Nandi could meet Shiva alone. Indeed, Nandi was always on guard to ensure that Shiva’s samadhi and penance were not disturbed. The messages that came to him during his abode during Shiva’s Samadhi and Tapasya were given to Nandi. Which took them to Shiva. So it is believed that every wish spoken in Nandi’s ear he gives to Shiva. So, after worshiping Shiva in the temple, people say their wish in Nandi’s ear.

Considered to be an incarnation of Shiva

Nandi is also considered to be an incarnation of Shiva. According to legend, the celibate was a sage named Shilad. Fearing the end of the dynasty, his father told him to have children. After which Shilad Muni performed penance to Lord Shiva and demanded Ionis and immortal son. Lord Shiva gave this blessing to Shilad Muni.

At the same time, Shilad Muni was plowing the land from where he got a child. Sheelad named this child Nandi. One day, the sage told Nandi that he was a young man. After which Nandi worshiped Mahadev. Mahadev was pleased and appeared to Nandi and told Nandi that it was his part, so he did not need to fear death. Nandi asked Mahadev to keep her with him. Mahadev then made Nandi his ally and Nandi always stayed with him.

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