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Pramukhswami Maharaj who made history from scratch., Read this success story

Friends, today in this article of Mojilo Gujarati, we tell you that today we will give you some information about Swami, the founding president of BAPS. Let me tell you that today President Swami lived a very simple life and he himself lived a very quiet life.

In 114 years, BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha has been given no money, no money, no money. But today the history of Sajan from scratch. Friends, let me tell you that there are more than 1350 temples in 55 countries. Friends, all these temples were inspected and successfully managed by President Swami himself today. There are 75 schools, colleges, hotels, hospitals. Today the ideals of President Swami Maharaj are spread in the country and in the world, let me tell you that Delhi Akshardham (there is a Hindu temple in 250 bighas. Friends, more than 190 citizens of the country have visited it)

Friends, let me tell you that President Swamy has done a great job. He has more than 80 temples of BAPS in America, and he has managed it successfully. 90 Vigha) is the site of the temple in Sydney. Let me tell you that there are 59 temples in Africa and there are temples in the country of Europe and the work of new temples is in progress.
And the temples in London, Canada, Russia have a reputation for pearls, let me tell you that all these temples are still operating on the ideals of the President Swami to this day.

Friends let me tell you that the foundation stone of the first Hindu temple was laid on 24.4.2019 in Abu Dhabi on 37 acres (in 90 branches). Friends, the foundation stone of the temple was also laid in 7.5.2019 Surat 100 Vigha, and There are BAPS temples in the state built in Navsari.

Let me tell you that BAPS is a permanent member of UNO. And this organization works at the world level, BAPS is one of the top 10 organizations in the world.

Friends, let us tell you that after 1200 years, the Brahmasutra Vedas, Upanishads, the commentaries on the Tatvadashan of Srimad Bhagavat Gita were formed. Let me tell you that Swaminarayan Siddhatsudhanam’s Vadaganantha. And Aksharpurushotam Dashan. After composing the commentaries, Mahaprakad Pandit Sadhubhadveshdash became the Acharya in the seventh of Sanatan Hindu Dhamma.

Let me tell you that there are a team of well-educated saints who have sacrificed more than 1250 women (there are more than 750 graduates including doctors, engineers, engineers, CAs, professors, architects, etc.) Knows and speaks the language of the country, let me tell you (more than 150 are American, British and Canadian citizens) let me tell you, 140 more saints are the only children of their parents. And let us further say that Sant, Shastra, and Mandir are the identity of Hinduism

Today Shriji Maharaj is doing his work by staying in Pramukhswami Maharaj and Mahatswami Maharaj

Writing and editing: Mojilo Gujarati Tim

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