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Mannu Kabaddi also clashes with millionaires in Amiri, people are crazy about luxury lifestyle.

In the Sotiganj area of ​​Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut district, Mannu Kabaddi has amassed huge fortunes by selling looted and stolen bikes. Even great millionaires are fascinated by his lifestyle. Mannu has kept millions of rupees in his house. He says that even though he works as a janitor, his hobbies are like a millionaire. Let’s say he has spent crores on decorating his house.

In fact, Mannu Kabaddi in Sotiganj owns not one but three houses and has spent crores in decorating all three houses. Mannu is not only the owner of luxurious houses but he also owns a lot of valuable and expensive land. Not only this, Mannu also runs kabaddi buses. You will be surprised to know that he has a contract for 22 buses. It is clear that Mannu may have spent millions of rupees for this.

Police shocked to see Mannu Kabaddi’s house : On Monday, Sotiganj police raided Mannu’s house, but he got information about it. So Mannu was missing from home with his family. Police found in the building that members of the household also forgot to turn off the TV in a hurry. In such a situation, the police could not interrogate as there was no one in the house, but the appearance inside the house was shocking for the police.

For your information, let us tell Tan that there are two houses of Mannu present in Sontiganj area and these houses have luxury facilities. The police were also surprised to see this. It is known that Mannu has become a millionaire by selling stolen bikes. So now the police are trying to interrogate Mannu in this whole case, along with Mannu’s criminal record is also being investigated.

Let it be known that Kent’s ASP Dr. The police under the leadership of ASP Raja continued for the second day in a row. Police have also checked the register and CCT at the junk warehouses in Sotiganj.

Sotiganj police have compiled a list of junkers in the area. Police believe that black business in Sotiganj has turned many black millionaires like Rahul Kala, Shoaib alias Sheila, Haji Galla, Iqbal and Gaddu. According to Sotiganj police, Mannu, Rahul and Shoaib alias Sheela are involved in two-wheeler theft in the area. In such a situation, these three scoundrels will now be ganged up by putting them in the same gang. Similar cases have been registered in all the other police stations including Sadar Bazar, Kotwali, Lisadigate and Brahmapuri.

Illegal assets can be confiscated: Illegal assets can be confiscated under the Gangster 14A proceedings, according to police. Let’s say that for any gangster to take action against any criminal, it is necessary for two or more criminals to have the same crime, so that the police can prove that two or more people have committed a crime by forming a gang.

Illegal construction work is banned in the Kent Board area, but the rich and influential are being allowed to do so haphazardly. A 5-story building cannot be built in the Kent Board area, but Mannu Kabaddi has done just that. Kent Board officials, on the other hand, are not silent on the matter and are not being investigated.


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