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Let us know “History of Parab Dham”

Friends, today we have brought Mojilo in Gujarati with special information, let us tell you that today we have brought and brought special history, let us tell you that today India is a country devoted to one religion, let us tell you Let history know, friends let you know that Is. Historians note that the time trends of the 19th century were difficult for Saurashtra. Friends, history is our pride, friends, let us tell you that the famine-stricken human community descended from Kutch and Sindh to Saurashtra due to the famine that was raging at this time and wandered around to satisfy hunger and thirst. And even in these difficult times of many natural calamities. He has immortalized his place and given the message that every human being is equal, not to discriminate on the basis of caste, to give shelter and bread to the hungry, to imitate the religion of human service. Read on friends.

Friends, let us tell you that today we are telling you that the history of Parbadham, Jalaram Bhagat’s Virpur, Giga Bhagat’s Satadhar and Devidas Bhagat’s Parab are awake places conveying the message of human service. Let us tell you that He reveals and illuminates the virtues which He removes from sins, which He bestows upon us. He is the refuge and help in times of calamity. What can be written about the human beings we make saints with such divine virtues? Friends, today it is a very famous pilgrimage place. Is one of them, let me tell you that it is a direct proportion of the masses who come to take darshan and prasad, fulfilling the belief of these awakened places of saints.

Friends, let us tell you that Parbadham is a 60 km road from Junagadh. The place of the festival is the adornment of Siddhabhoomi of Saurashtra. And it is a very special temple. Let us tell you that this place is considered to be the ancient ashram of Sarbhang Rishi of Mahabharata period. Let us tell you that the highway to the villages of Vavdi and Range East to the west of this ashram as well as the surrounding villages of Bhensana and Khambhaliya starts from this place. And even if you search in Google, you will find this place.

Friends, let us tell you that if we have such a history in Gujarat, then we must be proud of it. Friends, let us tell you that the name of Devidas, who awakened Chaitanya two centuries ago, was Dev Bhagat and his father Punja Bhagat. Sajanbai was a devout Rabari couple. Friends, let me tell you that this Parbadham has a very special significance and thousands of devotees come to pay homage to this magnificent temple. Deva Bhagat started his human service from Chhodwadi village. His guru was Saint Mahatma of Girnar from Jerambhar and he had his seat on Lamdidhar. Friends, let us tell you that this history is very glorious and should be proud of it.

Friends, let us tell you that the shape of Gadhesang mountain is like a straight flat diwani shag and it has a lambdhar behind it. Let us tell you that it was sitting on this edge of Saint Jerambharthi. And it also goes from south to south Ramnath, Tatakio, Bhesalo Tekari, Mangalachal, Revatachal, Joganio etc. Girnarji is located between the Giri mountains.

Friends, let us tell you that this place of pilgrimage is very magnificent, in which Deva Bhagat used to serve the pilgrims with faith in the midst of this saint Mahatma. And one day he was pleased with Deva Bhagat’s faith and human service and said to Deva Bhagat, Deva Bhagat Bhagat, today you would be Devidas. Let me tell you that you go a distance or pass a plan.

There was nothing like a temple or an idol here. Under the neem tree, there was a smoke of macaron cloth and a trident, and by lighting a fire in the sacred smoke, the smoke was revived and the flag was hoisted by the neem tree. We call this place today as Devidasji’s festival. The new temple above is taking shape under the supervision of the Mahantashri of this Jagya. Let me tell you that it is the Samadhi of Dada Makran’s – Sadud Pir’s Dholio, Parbakund, Karaman Pir and Danev Pir’s. Let us know more and share the history of this Parab Dham.

Writing and editing: Mojilo Gujarati Tim

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