Home Article Be sure to follow this recipe to get rid of lizards from...

Be sure to follow this recipe to get rid of lizards from the house, you will get relief immediately

If lizards crawl on any wall of the house, we get uncomfortable. Although lizards will not be present in the house due to the presence of insects, but the risk of falling on the body of the lizard is high.

There are many poisonous alcohol repellent lizards on the market, but these liquids can also harm your children or pets. In such a situation it would be better to take some home remedy to drive the lizard away. In this article we are going to tell you some home remedies to get rid of lizards, which are as follows:

1) Coffee powder: For this mix coffee powder with tobacco powder and make small tablets of it and place it where lizards appear frequently. If the lizard eats this mixture it will die, otherwise it will go away.

2) Naphthalene tablets: Naphthalene tablets are placed in good disinfectant, clothes, washway, etc. However let me tell you that the lizard will get away from where you put these pills.

3) Onion: For this, cut the onion and tie it in a string and hang it near the light etc. Doing so will cause the lizard to escape. Onions contain large amounts of sulfur, which causes odors and expels lizards.

4) Garlic: Take a spray bottle for this and fill it with onion juice and water. Add a few drops of garlic juice and mix well. Now sprinkle it in every corner of the house, where lizards come most. You can also keep a clove of garlic if you want. Doing so makes the lizard run away from it.


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