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As a child, he was forced to drink sewage water, today he has millions of rupees, he has flown a private plane.

After seeing 3 brothers and sisters dying of starvation and sewage in front of their own eyes, then

So far we have heard many success stories, we have seen many people create from scratch, but the story of the person we will tell you today is quite different. No one can even dare to do what they have done in their life and you will surely be surprised to know the environment from which the person came.

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A man born into a poor Harijan family, he saw his three siblings die before his eyes due to starvation and drinking dirty sewage water. He has spent his childhood struggling with illnesses such as smallpox, typhoid fever and other life-threatening illnesses. The prolonged illness had completely broken the man’s body, but not even the hair of his mane could bend.

Through hard work and perseverance, this person has now reached the destination that everyone dreams of reaching. Today, the man owns a luxurious car, owns a private jet, and lives a luxurious life, and has donated Rs 130 crore to the village where he spent his childhood.

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This story is about the success of the country’s famous neurosurgeon Dr. Kumar Bahulian. Born and raised in a village in Kottayam district of Kerala, where basic necessities like drinking water, electricity, toilets, schools and hospitals were lacking. Kumar’s father worked to support the family. The financial condition of the house was so miserable that he had to go hungry for many days. Not only that, due to the lack of clean water in the village, they had to quench their thirst with sewage water.

Having not eaten for many days, they only had to quench their hunger with sewage water. Hunger and consumption of contaminated water claimed the lives of three of his siblings. Kumar somehow continued to struggle with life. He had to fight against diseases like cholera, smallpox, typhoid in his childhood. Despite all the difficulties, Kumar was interested in teaching from an early age. His father requested a small caste teacher of the village to punish Kumar and then Kumar studied diligently under the guidance of this teacher of the village and proceeded.

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Masterji always encouraged Kumar and also helped him financially. It was a divine gift for Kumar and he then enrolled in a medical college run by Christian missionaries and completed his medical studies. Being an outstanding student, the government sent him to Scotland for neurosurgical education. But 6 years later, when he returned to India after graduation, he got no job here. At that time there was limited use of neurosurgery in the country.

Eventually, Kumar decided to move to Canada and then moved to New York and began his career working at Albany Medical College. After settling in New York in 1973, he became an associate professor of neurosurgery at the renowned University of Buffalo, learning to work with a local neurosurgeon. He made a lot of money working in the medical world for many years. During this time he had to come to his village once and was stunned to see the same miserable condition here as before. Remembering the struggles he had in the village in his childhood, Dr. Kumar vowed to change the landscape of the whole village.

Kumar, who has seen his three siblings die of childhood illness, first began the process of improving the village’s health system. In this series, he founded the Bahuleyan Charitable Foundation in 1993 and established a clinic to provide proper health care to young children and pregnant women.

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In the year 2007, he annoyed everyone by announcing a contribution of Rs 130 crore for the development of the village. With the help of this money, continuous work was started to satisfy the water disaster for toilets, roads and villagers. He also built a luxury room, a health spa and a gym in 2004 to strengthen the foundation financially.

The man was so poor that he got his first pair of slippers at the age of 20. The same person who rides in expensive cars like Rolls Roy today, lives in a luxurious bungalow, he also has a private plane. His heart is very big even though there are ab ghee things.


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