Home Lifestyle A case was registered against Panditji on the order of the court.

A case was registered against Panditji on the order of the court.

In Haryana, a couple ran away from home to have a love marriage and after getting married, the couple sought the help of police. The couple told police their lives were in danger. Therefore, they should be protected. The case reached the court and the case was heard in court. During the hearing, the judge ordered the police to file a case against the pundit who had arranged their marriage. In fact at the time of the hearing of the case, he was found to be married to a child.

When the judge asked her age, she found out that the boy was 20 years old and the girl was 18 years old. The court found the boy to be a minor and directed the police to file a case against Pandit.

According to the news, the love-married couple had applied to the High Court for protection. The petition was heard in court and during the hearing the court said the boy’s age was not suitable for marriage. After which the High Court refused to accept the marriage as valid. The court said how this marriage would be considered valid when the boy’s age is not marriageable. This marriage violates the child marriage law.

The court then asked the police how the marriage could take place and which Pandit had arranged their marriage. A case should be registered against those who are married to a Pandit. The court has asked the police to register an FIR against Pandit under the Prevention of Child Marriage Act. Further, this marriage is considered a violation of the Child Marriage Act.

A court order has been registered against Hisar SP Pandit. A case under Section 10 of the Prevention of Child Marriage Act has been registered against Pandit on October 25 at the Sadar Police Station in Hisar, the SPA said. The girl’s family has also filed a case against the boy. The girl’s family alleges that the boy abducted her daughter.

However, the boy and the girl got married and sought protection from the High Court for themselves. When the court heard his plea, the SPA of Hisar informed the high court that the boy’s age was not eligible for marriage and this was a case of child marriage. After which their marriage was deemed illegal.


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