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300 women made their way to the Air Force in just 72 hours, a major event during the Indo-Pakistani war

A fact in which women’s courage is to be applauded, must read the whole story and salute

The Indo-Pak war was raging in 1971. On December 8, Pakistan was firing heavily near a village in Gujarat’s Kutch district. 16 consecutive bombs were dropped here. The Indian Air Force’s air strip was the victim of the bombing. An airstrip is a road from which an aircraft flies.

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The strip was completely destroyed by the firing. Not flying an Indian Air Force plane in the middle of a war could be a big mistake. The Air Force sought the help of the BSF but in order to level this air strip, more and more people were needed in a short time. In this time of trouble 300 people from Bhuj village who risked their lives agreed to build this road.

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There were a large number of women among these 300 people, this opportunity of service to the country was not allowed by the women of Madhpur village of Bhuj and the air strip was made within 72 hours only.

“On December 9, 1971, I felt like I was a soldier,” Balbai Senghani, a member of the team, told the media. “While the road was being built, it was constantly raining bombs,” he said. However, not a single woman stepped back and she started doing double work with double courage. ”

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Describing her experience, she said: “We were 300 women, we all left our homes with the desire to build a road for our pilot at any cost so that he could fly. Even if we die, we will die fighting for the country. ”

Along with the villagers, the women were encouraged by Sarpanch Jadavji, Hira’s brother and the DM, as well as Air Force Squadron Leader Vijay Karnik. Karnik was in charge of Bhuj Airport in the 1971 war.

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Vijay Karnik also said in an interview: “We were fighting a war and the hot of these women would have been a huge loss. At the same time, we had to make sure that the road was ready as soon as possible for the plane to take off. That’s why I took on this task with the help of 50 IAF officers and the remaining 60 DSC personnel and we were successful. “

He further said: “It was not easy to build this road, only women were working on the orders of the officer. The women were signaled and hid as soon as Senana was alerted to the arrival of a Pakistani plane. Then the siren sounded by the army, which meant that work could begin. ”

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People were asked to build a road and cover it with dung so that the news of this airstrip would not reach Pakistan. Many people who worked here went to bed hungry on the first day because they had to stay in a bunker on the first day. The next day luckily they got the fruit and the work went on. On the fourth day at 4 pm the airstrip was ready for flight. These moments were nothing short of a victory for him. Especially in the situation in which they worked.

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Three years after the war, when these women were given awards by the Indira Gandhi government, they did not hesitate to say that they had done this for their country. Shortly afterwards, a monument to Veerang was erected in their village Madhapur in their name. What worked was really something no strangers could do.

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Actor Ajay Devgn is also presenting the adventure story of these women as a film. The poster was released in 2019. The name of this film is “Bhuj: The Pride of India”. The film also stars Sanjay Dutt, Sonakshi Singh and Sharad Kelkar.


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